Lean Action Learning in the global context

Action learning has been a recognised training and development strategy for at least 40 years. The term “action learning” was coined by Reginald Revans, who is regarded as the founder of this approach to learning.

On completion of the second Business Action Learning (BALT) program in Tasmania, it was appropriate to assess where the BALT initiative, and the Lean Action Learning process on which it is based, stand in the world of Action Learning.

literature survey was undertaken by the Action Learning Institute to address this question.  The conclusion was that features of the BALT program taken individually have precedents in other programs reported in the literature. The particular way in which these are brought together as an effective model is possibly unique. Lean Action Learning programs achieve effective outcomes for organisations and individuals as shown by survey outcomes and measurable project outcomes. This suggests that the design of the program is well founded and would be of interest to those wishing to conduct similar programs in other regions in Australia and overseas. The award of a nationally recognised qualification entirely by action learning is possibly unique in the world.

As a result of the literature survey a number of enhancements will be introduced to our programs to further improve their effectiveness. The intention is to engage with organisations, industry bodies and institutions around the world that conduct similar programs, to share experiences and ideas for mutual benefit.


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