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Meeting of world leaders in action learning

What are we Learning Across the World? Connecting and Disrupting our Practices In April 2014, Genevieve Cother attended the 4th International Action Learning Conference in Hertfordshire, UK, on behalf of the Action Learning Institute. Our objectives for attending the Conference were to gather information about action learning programs worldwide; gain an understanding of the global action learning community; seek out practitioners with

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Lean Action Learning in the global context

Action learning has been a recognised training and development strategy for at least 40 years. The term “action learning” was coined by Reginald Revans, who is regarded as the founder of this approach to learning. On completion of the second Business Action Learning (BALT) program in Tasmania, it was appropriate to assess where the BALT initiative, and the Lean Action Learning

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Meet our industry advisors

Introducing the Action Learning Institute Advisory Council The Action Learning Institute is committed to developing training programs and assessment methods that genuinely meet the needs of industry and comply with the requirements of the National VET Regulator. We are fortunate to have the support and wise counsel of industry representatives on our Advisory Council. The members of our Advisory Council represent a

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Lean Action Learning kicks off in North-west Tasmania

Field trip image

The third BALT Lean Action Learning program was launched on May 1, 2014 in North West Tasmania. This follows the successful conclusion of the second program delivered in the Tamar Valley Region. The companies involved are Harvest Moon, Direct Edge and Petuna. Harvest Moon, located at Forth, is a major grower and producer of cool climate vegetables. Woolworths is a major

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Welcome to the Action Learning Institute

We are a small but ambitious organisation determined to deliver vocational education in it’s purest form: action learning. Action learning involves a group of people coming together to undertake a practical project. Participants come from different situations with different skills and knowledge to bring to bear on the problem. The intended change is used as a vehicle for learning through exploration

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